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Parent support meetings when a child or young person is in therapy...


In many instances, particularly when the therapy is with children under 13, parent support sessions, alongside the child’s therapy are held - usually once or twice a term. The purpose of these sessions is, without encroaching on the child’s privacy, to support the therapy in taking root in the family and the wider environment.


These meetings are between the therapist and parent(s) or caregiver(s). They are an opportunity to review the therapy's progress, reflect on any thoughts, feelings or issues from the parent's point of view, and support the work taking root in the child's environment.


Parent support meetings when a child or young person is not in therapy...


Sometimes a child will not wish to engage in therapy, or a parent may wish to have a confidential space to reflect on difficulties in their family. Support work is an opportunity to combine the therapist's skills, with the parent’s knowledge and experience, puzzling out confusing or upsetting difficulties occurring in a young person or family, before implementing helpful changes. 

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