Who is it for?

Adolescent psychotherapists work with individual teenagers. Parent support meetings may be involved, particularly with younger teenagers, however, it is important that any teenager coming to therapy, feels confident that their wishes are followed, and this may involve using therapy privately as an adult would.


What is it for?

Adolescent psychotherapy can be helpful for most emotional, behavioural, psychological, social or developmental difficulties. Adolescent psychotherapists can also help teenagers to deal with learning and physical disabilities, as well as those on the autistic spectrum. Teenagers may be reacting to life events which everyone knows about or it may be that difficulties have started without any obvious cause. 


Issues that adolescent psychotherapists can help with include:


  • anxiety

  • depression

  • stress

  • behavioural difficulties

  • bullying

  • anger

  • a.d.h.d.

  • a.d.d.

  • hyperactivity

  • low self-esteem

  • self-harm

  • post-traumatic symptoms

  • relationship difficulties 

  • bereavement 

  • eating issues

  • sleeping difficulties 

  • phobias

  • victims of abuse

  • Anxiety over body image, sexuality, or gender identity.

  • life events such as parental divorce


How does it work?

Sessions will involve talking, although every person is different and some times activities like drawing may prove helpful. Adolescent Psychotherapists are trained to help young people explore difficulties that are often not understood, or hard to put into words - often appearing as behaviours (Self-harm) or strong uncontrollable feelings (depression and anxiety). The psychotherapist is trained to help make sense of why these behaviours and feelings are happening. This can support them in processing and understanding the issue, which in turn can stop or reduce the troubling feelings and behaviours, helping teenagers develop their individuality and potential, increasing a sense of wellbeing, and promoting improvements in personal relationships. 

During Coronavirus Skype/call session can be offered where appropriate.











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